We’re Passionate About Adoption

Each one of the children in the above picture was rescued from an abortion mill in the Los Angeles area and adopted. As adoptive parents, this tangible result of peacefully praying and offering a life-affirming alternative is so powerful. Adoption is real social justice. It unleashes hope. It unleashes love. It unleashes purpose. As founders of The Radiance Foundation, our passion for adoption has always been at the forefront of what we do. Our first video was of Ryan’s own adoption story–a short video called “UNWANTED”. Over the years, it’s reached hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through social media, news interviews, and live presentations around the world.

Bethany and Ryan Bomberger and their little munchkins are an adoptive family that loves the beauty of Possibility.

Bethany and Ryan Bomberger and their little munchkins are an adoptive family that loves the beauty of Possibility.


The Power of Possibility

Ryan’s journey is but one of millions of other adoptees’ stories around the globe. And with The Radiance Foundation’s new adoption initiative, www.adoptedandloved.com, we’re going to tell more of these amazing stories. We support birthmoms who often are left, on their own, to make difficult decisions. Our ministry, www.SallysLambs.org offers support to birthmoms who choose adoption. We want adoption to become one of the first options considered instead of the status-quo go-to of abortion. There are many forms of adoption–open, semi-closed, and closed–and birthparents can help shape the future of their daughter or son by continuing to remain involved in their lives. Sometimes parenting isn’t the best option for those facing an unplanned pregnancy, but expectant mothers and fathers can turn the unplanned into a loving plan and make a great parenting choice. They can choose adoption.

Whether you’re Faith Hill, George Washington Carver, the late Steve Jobs, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, Olympian Dan O’Brien or just the kid next door…adoption changes the world.

We are so grateful to RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics and Bethany Christian Services for partnering with us for the initial :30 TV “Adopted and Loved” TV Ads. The Radiance Foundation now expands that initial effort, spearheaded by RealOptions’ Donna Hecke (also an adoptee!), to continue to dismantle the myth of the unwanted child. We’re all wanted by someone.

Celebrating Beautiful Possibility…

Bethany and Ryan Bomberger