Adopt. Be the Hope.

When Sara and Trevor Dunbar got an email about a baby boy being available to adopt…in Guatemala…they literally had moments to decide. They had been praying and preparing for this day for a long time. But dealing with the abstract is nothing like real-life.

They took the challenge and a precious little boy into their home and their hearts. With three other biological children, there was still more than enough room for all of them to love Isaiah. He’s family. Forever.

Many times, married couples wonder if they’re ready to adopt. Our friend Teresa Grimes (an adoptive mommy herself) says: “If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re ready to adopt…ask yourself if a child is ever ready to be an orphan.” She is an inspiration to The Radiance Foundation and her words were once thoughts in Sara and Trevor’s minds. But when they answered the call of justice, hope and love…they knew God had already prepared them.

If you’re questioning taking this journey, visit our Resources page to connect with some great adoption information and help.

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