Emory and Courtney Lott founded Faithful Adoption Consultants in 2008.  However, their own adoption journey began shortly after their marriage in 2003.  Emory and Courtney knew they wanted a large family and after the birth of their son, Aidan, they tried to add to their family unsuccessfully.  In 2005 they began to consider adoption and were able to finalize the addition of their daughter, Mina. It was during this process that Emory and Courtney realized the overwhelming need for honest advocacy for adoptive families.  As they went on to adopt their two sons, Michael and Carson, and their daughter, Emmy Faith, their passion for adoption continued to intensify.  After a five-year struggle with infertility, God surprised Emory and Courtney with the birth of their son, Collier.  This brought them to a total of six children under the age of seven and a unique perspective on adoption.

The Lott’s passion for adoption has led them to start Faithful Adoption Consultants.  It is their desire to walk side by side with families through the adoption process.  It is also an opportunity to use their adoption story and their God-given gifts to support and encourage families during this emotional time.  Emory and Courtney believe they are called to ultimately bring God glory through each adoption they assist with.  Having adopted across racial lines and special needs, the Lott’s are passionate about bringing awareness to the growing need of families for these children.