Meet Jonny Moses

Jonny’s birthmom was 16 when she discovered she was pregnant. She had options. But thankfully she chose the life-affirming option. She turned the unplanned into a loving plan: adoption. So many young women feel as if their lives are over when they face an unexpected pregnancy. But life doesn’t end. New life just begins…for the baby and for the birthparents. Sadly, too many women are abandoned by the biological father of the child and left to make the decision on their own. But they’re not alone. There are pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies, church and parachurch organizations that support mothers and their children (not to mention help guys become men who become responsible fathers). Jonny’s birthmom gave his adoptive family an incredible gift and remained connected to her son through open adoption. She went on to become a nurse, got married, and had three more children.

Jonny now has two families to love. His adoptive family and his birth family. Today, he’s a college student who loves working with kids, writes music, and enjoys being super creative. Perhaps one day, he’ll write a song about being adopted and loved!

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