The Tukes Family

The Miracle They've Been Waiting For

By Bethany and Ryan Bomberger, cofounders of The Radiance Foundation 

At the time Ari and Quinette Tukes applied for The Henry & Andrea Adopted & Loved Fund, they had been married for 19 years. Although not infertile, they’ve never been able to conceive naturally. But they’ve always longed to be parents.

They were highly recommended by our Board member, and fellow adoptive father, Abraham Hamilton III (host of The Hamilton Corner on American Family Radio). Both Ari and Quinette are from Illinois but moved to Mississippi recently.

Ari is a placement specialist with an organization called Youth Villages. He helps establish counseling services for children & their families. Quinette is a City Clerk in the township which they reside. She’s also an Air Force veteran.

But no job was more important to them than the one they had not yet fulfilled: being parents. They love the Lord, and know the Word confirms that children are a blessing from the Lord. They both have adoption in their families: Ari’s younger sister and cousins and Quinette’s cousins. “We desire to be parents and obey the Scriptures to love, provide for, protect, disciple, train up and equip him/her for what the Lord has purposed.”

Their Church, Proximity Christian Fellowship where Abe Hamilton preaches, believed in their calling and offered financial support with their new adoption fund. The Radiance Foundation was overjoyed to give them a significant grant through our Henry and Andrea Bomberger Adopted and Loved Fund too.

God gave them Hanna in May 2023. 

Our family had just returned from my birthday festivities when I listened to a voicemail message from Ari asking me to call him back. The next 15 minutes were filled with ridiculous tears of joy as Bethany and I listened to Ari describe the miracle that had unfolded in a matter of days. Hanna was born on a Tuesday, and the following Wednesday they would have their adoption finalized! C’mon Jesus!!!

We were so blessed to meet the Tukes, finally, in person when we attended the incredible Marriage Family Life Conference (birthed out of the hearts and minds of our friends and Board members, Wil and Meeke Addison of American Family Association’s “Airing The Addisons“). To see God take a prayer request and make it reality was something to behold. Precious little Hanna was passed around and adored by my family as we rejoiced with the Tukes and wiped away more tears. 

Ari and Quinette celebrated their 20th anniversary back in September 2022. The theme for a 20th anniversary is platinum which represents “enduring and overcoming any challenge.” They endured many years of waiting for a miracle, especially overcoming the obstacle of the financial obstacle that prevents too many from being able adopt. But with God, all things are possible. 

We praise Jesus for making the Tukes family, now 3 strong, so beautifully possible. 

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God is sooooo good!